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Life in Punta Gorda, FL, so close to the water, certainly has its advantages, but can you truly relax without the reassurance of a sturdy roof over your head and a roofing company you can trust? 

When you need a roofing contractor for your next residential roofing project or for regular roof maintenance in Punta Gorda, FL, call our team at Pro-Roofing USA of Florida.

Punta Gorda Roofing

Get to Know Our Punta Gorda Roofing Services

For 28 years, our team at Pro-Roofing USA of Florida has had the skills and roofing expertise to carry out a range of tasks. We’re the only roofing contractor you need for roof repairs, installation, maintenance, and ancillary services such as gutter cleaning and waterproofing.

Roof Repair Punta Gorda, FL

When storms hit, and old properties need a new lease on life, homeowners in Punta Gorda, FL, count on our roofing company to get their roofing systems up to code, protect their investments, and handle any roof issues. We fix hail damage, mold growth, rot, rust, bent flashing, damaged fascia, clogged gutters, and much, much more.

Roof Installation and Roof Replacement Punta Gorda, FL

The first step in any installation project is forming a professional relationship with our clients. We want to understand each client’s individual roofing needs and help them to make an informed decision about our professional roofing services.

Some contractors try to push a particular service on their customers or upsell them with unnecessary add-ons. Our roofing company will not install a new roof until we are certain the homeowner or business owner is making an informed decision based on their roofing needs.

Trusted Punta Gorda Roofers

Skilled Residential Contractors

Don’t just pick any roofing company when your roof needs service. We are a licensed roofing company with a reputation for dependable service, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service.

Homeowners who have been in Punta Gorda, FL, for decades know that there is only one truly outstanding choice of roofing contractor in the industry. Our company has accreditation and an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our customers choose us for the breadth and depth of our knowledge, our commitment to superior work, and our professional customer service. 

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Types of Roofs We Work On

Punta Gorda can benefits from a wide array of roof types when working with a true professional roofing company like us. 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are standard in the industry. While some types of materials are more durable than asphalt, a properly installed asphalt shingle roof by an established manufacturer can last for 50 years or more.

Metal Roofing

Metal is an attractive alternative to asphalt. Our company can help you appreciate the benefits of different types of metal roofs and install quality metal panels that will protect your home for up to a century.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are durable, resistant to wind damage, and create a natural look that can make your home attractive and eye-catching. You can get them in many different colors and patterns, making them easily customizable and highly versatile. 

Flat Roofs

Although more common for commercial properties, flat roofs are becoming an increasingly popular residential roofing option. Professional installation by a qualified, licensed roofer is especially important for flat roofs because the lack of sloping sides can cause water to collect around the home.

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You can’t truly feel at home without a solid roof over your head. We have a passion for giving homeowners the opportunity to save money and ensure the safety and comfort of their families. 

We’re more than just contractors. We’re part of the Punta Gorda, FL, family. We look forward to supporting you throughout your next project. When you need the best roofing company in Punta Gorda, FL, you need us. From residential flat roofing to traditional shingles, we can service it all.

Contact our Pro-Roofing USA of Florida team at 239-510-9694 for a professional roofing company with the tools and services you need to make your installation project or repairs a success.