Residential Roofing Services in Southwest Florida

Residential Roofing

Leading Residential Roofing Services in Southwest Florida

Pro-Roofing USA of Florida stands as the top-rated residential roofing company in Southwest Florida. We offer all-encompassing residential roofing services that include roof repairs and replacements. 

Our customers have relied on our superior service for years, and we constantly strive to surpass expectations by improving our services.

As your local roofing specialists, we guarantee superior customer service for any residential roofing project. We are adept at handling new builds and existing homes. 

Residential Roofing

First-Rate Choice for Your Residential Roof

When you select us as your residential roofing contractors in Southwest Florida, you can have full confidence in our meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship. We possess the roofing knowledge necessary to address even the most difficult roofing problems. 

We are also the go-to team for storm damage repair following high winds or thunderstorms that damage your roof. Our residential roof repair, installation, and maintenance services cater to all major roof types

We can assist with all kinds of roofing materials, including the following:


Shingle roofs are cost-effective and straightforward to install. A professionally installed shingle roof system can offer improved insulation, new aesthetics, and can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.


Metal roofing systems offer unbeatable durability, energy efficiency, and require very little maintenance. When you opt for a metal roof, you can relax knowing you will have robust protection from the elements for the next 50+ years. Generally, metal roof owners won’t have to concern themselves with roof repairs unless extreme weather conditions occur. It’s a worthwhile roofing investment that could last a lifetime.


Tiles are an optimal roofing choice for the climate in Southwest Florida due to their excellent weather-resistant capabilities and durability. A tile roofing system also offers a unique aesthetic look that’s difficult to emulate with other roofing systems. Tile roofs can last anywhere from 40 to 50 years.


Flat roofs are well-suited for homes with low-slope roofs over the main house, shed, or auxiliary buildings. We can install membrane roofing options like TPO and EPDM that can last 20+ years.

Our Inspection Process

Our Comprehensive Roof Replacement Approach

Every roof has a defined lifespan. When it’s time for a roof replacement, rely on our skilled residential roofing contractors. We are the number one choice for residential roofs in Southwest Florida. You can count on us to provide a replacement roof perfectly suited to your home — one that you can depend on for the years ahead.

We employ a straightforward four-step process that simplifies the replacement procedure for our clients.

new shingle roof in Southwest Florida

What To Expect With Our Pro Roofing Solutions

Initial Consultation

Our procedure starts with an initial consultation. It involves a roof inspection to ascertain whether your roof indeed needs to be replaced. Often, we find that minor repairs can prevent the need for full reroofing services. This phase focuses on understanding your requirements, reviewing roofing options, and offering recommendations based on your budget.

Old Roof Tear-Off

We’ll carefully dismantle the old roof and prepare the deck surface for the new one. If your roof replacement is due to storm damage, the deck surface may require additional preparation.

New Roof Installation

We’ll carry out every aspect of the new roof installation to the utmost standards, ensuring that we use only the best quality roofing materials. This guarantees the longevity of your roof.

Final Inspection

We’ll conduct a thorough check to make sure your new roof meets our rigorous standards and fulfills your expectations. If you have any concerns about our roofing services, we’ll be more than ready to address them.

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